A better way to connect

FindyourHCP is a technical platform that makes flexible work arrangements in the healthcare industry simple and easy to manage. We provide tools to help employers and healthcare practitioners connect in a simple way, on-demand giving them the opportunity to do what they were really meant to do: serve their clients and patients with ease.

FindyourHCP removes the bottlenecks created by recruitment efforts, the hassle of time consuming review of job boards and creates easy meaningful relationships between pre-qualified healthcare practitioners and employers who are held to a gold standard.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada, FindyourHCP plans to extend across Canada in 2021 with plans to expand to the US and beyond thereafter.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative technology solutions that improve the availability of healthcare services through human capital and technology-based innovations to deliver healthcare services.

Empowering HCPs

We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship, small business and the freedom that all healthcare practitioners should have, to freelance their services. FindyourHCP is about empowering healthcare professionals whether practitioners or employers to serve their communities without limits.

Serving Employers

By powering an on-demand workforce for healthcare providers, we make it possible to spend less time worrying about staffing and more time focusing on running and growing their business.

Improving Healthcare

By harnessing the power of the technology, FindyourHCP’s technology-driven solution fosters meaningful growth in the healthcare industry while improving access and choice for patients.


Our vision is to improve access to healthcare services globally by the mobilisation of a global workforce of healthcare practitioners that work both in person and online to service their communities. Our mandate is to create accessibility of healthcare for all as we believe this is a human right.


About the Founder

Amy Syed is an entrepreneur, kinesiologist and rehab professional with over 20 years of experience in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

In recent years, Amy has ventured into the tech world, learning more about how innovations create equitable access in the global healthcare space. She developed the concept of FindyourHCP based on her firsthand knowledge working in these sectors both as a healthcare practitioner, employer and innovator.

In addition to FindyourHCP, Amy continues to work in her community to lead change and awareness to improve accessibility of healthcare services for all.

Amy Syed

Founder | CEO