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About Us

FindyourHCP is a Toronto-based Start-up dedicated to improving access to healthcare by matching Health Care Practitioner to meaningful opportunities that provide flexibility while filling small-business needs.

Amy Syed is Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP, she is a Kinesiologist, a businesswoman and a busy mom (of five!). At various points in her life and career, Amy tried to work flexible hours in health care system and was met with resistance. She found it incredibly difficult and frustrating to get the work she needed without working long hours or last-minute shifts to fill on demand. She knew there must be a better way. When she couldn’t find it, she decided to create it. Inspired by – and modelled after – other tools that have revolutionized the way people find and hire the help they need, FindyourHCP quickly and conveniently allows employers to access vetted, qualified practitioners who are available when they need it. Health care practitioners are able to find the shifts they need, when and where they need them. With a background in disability management, Amy has worked in healthcare for all of her professional career – in both the public and private systems. Having grown up as the daughter of a doctor, Amy is as familiar with the employer side of the equation as she is with the practitioner side. She envisions impact to improve accessibility to Health Care across North America by filling one position at a time.

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