How FindyourHCP Works

For Health Care Practitioners

Employment Made Easy

Work where you want, when you want – without having to scour job boards, make cold calls, or randomly hand out resumes. The way we work has changed drastically in recent years – and we think the way we find work should too.

By connecting you with local employers who have shifts and multiple-day assignments to fill when you want to work, FindyourHCP takes the guess-work, uncertainty, and hassle out of being a part-time health care practitioner. Join us and feel secure knowing there’s work to be had tomorrow (and next week, and next month) and no limit to how much you can make doing what you love.

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For Employers

The help you need, when you need it.

When you run a busy health care or medical practice, being short a health care practitioner – for any reason or length of time – can be costly.

By connecting you with vetted professionals who meet your criteria – no matter how particular! – and are available when you need them, we take the guess-work, uncertainty, and hassle out of finding specialized help and backfilling hours due to turn-over, vacation, illness and temporary spikes in busy-ness.

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