Introducing Spaces

FindyourHCP is now introducing the ability for clinics to lease out space to healthcare practitioners!

Spaces helps connect healthcare practitioners to clinics on demand for relocation or short term and annual leases.

Now more than ever, spaces can help clinics fill their extra space with temporary or permanent leases that are made available to healthcare practitioners looking for a place to meet with patients.

How it works

The process is transparent and simple

Create a post

Clinic posts their lease space on the site. The lease space includes: a short description, pictures of the room (s), relevant equipment and/or furniture provided and lease rate per month. We are also confirming COVID precautions in place and availability of reception.

Open for review

Healthcare practitioners who want to sublet space can view pictures of the treatment rooms with services available via a specialist on the FindyourHCP team until we have this capability available through the platform.

Sign contract

An initial form is sent to both parties for execution and it’s done!

Interested in finding or leasing a space?

Choose a form that best describes you. We will use the information you provide to match you directly with practitioners looking for a space to lease.